Webinar – Invest in Real Estate with your IRA

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Webinar – Invest in Real Estate with your IRA

Hotel Innvestor and Midland IRA recently co-hosted a successful webinar explaining how to invest in real estate through your self-directed retirement account.

Real Estate Investing with a Self-Directed IRA

Many people believe they are stuck with investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds with their retirement money. In layman’s terms, this means you’re either resigned to settling on today’s paltry interest rates, or buckling up for the sometimes dramatic and gut-wrenching ups-and-downs of the stock market.

From an early age we are taught to invest in the stock market, and having a diverse portfolio that includes a percentage invested in stocks is a good idea. But, when many people begin saving money at a bank or brokerage they are not given the option of investing in real estate or other non-traditional assets. And, even though self-directed retirement plans have been available since the early 1970s, many people are still unaware that they can choose alternative investments outside the traditional realm.

Self-directed retirement plans are really no different than your typical individual retirement arrangement. These plans offer the same tax-sheltered status that plans housed with banks and brokerages do—with one critical difference: Instead of relying on a broker to pick and choose investments for you, self-directed accounts allow you to do the picking and choosing yourself. You have total control of your own investing funds, and the freedom to choose many different alternative assets, like real estate investments, to grow income for retirement. One of the most common alternative assets we see investors use for this purpose is real estate.  Please keep in mind all investments have risks and are not suitable for all investors.

Self-directed plans with Midland IRA are able to invest in real estate—an ability that not all retirement plan administrators offer. All income gained from assets owned by your IRA grow on a tax-sheltered basis to secure your retirement future. As the account owner, you’re in charge of choosing your assets. Midland IRA works with you to ensure proper administration of your account is maintained within the rules and regulations of the IRS. You get the fun job. We take care of the details.

Hotel Innvestor founder and president Tim L. Edgar and EVP Chris Tychsen were joined by Midland’s Matt Almaguer for the roughly 30 minute presentation.  Below is a link to view the presentation.


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