OC Talk Radio to Feature Tim L. Edgar

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Tim L. Edgar of Hotel Innvestor and [CLIC] Sponsor joins OC Talk Radio Raad and Craig Sullivan in the studio on September 20th.

Tim L. Edgar is the Founder and President of Hotel Innvestor, the first web-based, hotel specific investment banking platform in the country.

Mr. Edgar started his career in hotels in 1991 working at the Beverly Hilton while studying at the University of Southern California. After graduating from USC, Edgar went into hotel property brokerage, where he underwrote hundreds of hotel projects and personally consummated over $1.1 billion in hotel property sales.  Tim is also currently an active officer in a 200-room hotel in San Francisco, California.

Tim is a recognized industry expert in crowdsourcing for hotels and has been quoted in publications such as the Orange County Business Journal, the New England Real Estate Journal, Hotel Business, Boston Hospitality Review, Hotel News Now, Hotel Management and Real Estate Fund Manager. Edgar has also been a featured speaker on the subject at various conferences including the North American Tourism & Hospitality Investment Conference (NATHIC) in Chicago, Hotel Equities and Lender Perspectives Conference (HELP) in Boston, Meet the Money Conference (MTM) in Los Angeles, The Lodging Conference (TLC) in Phoenix, NATHIC Miami, Alternative Investing Summit (AIS) in Laguna Beach, the Hunter Hotel Conference (HHC) in Atlanta, California Lodging Investment Conference (CLIC) in Irvine and the Americas Lodging Industry Summit (ALIS) in Los Angeles.

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