Edgar a Featured Speaker at NATHIC

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Tim L. Edgar a Featured Speaker at North America Tourism & Hospitality Investment Conference (NATHIC)

Bienvidos a Miami!

Welcome to the beautiful Foutainebleau hotel & resort on the white sandy shores of Miami, site of the 2015 North America Tourism & Hospitality Investment Conference (NATHIC.)  Hotel Innvestor Founder and President Tim L. Edgar is included on a roster of all star speakers for this years event.

NATHIC 2015 will host an expected 400 attendees, covering key segments and sharing insights from some of the top names in hospitality. NATHIC aligns North America’s (Canada, U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean) leading industry experts, hotel development leaders, investors, operators, and others for a high-caliber three day networking event.


4:20 PM – 5:05 PM | AT GLIMMER BALLROOM 1-4

Deals are getting done at a brisk pace in North America—but how? What is the current state of lending in the hotel industry? How are other, more exotic sources of capital being used, from crowdfunding to EB-5? Where do you fit in the capital stack? Experts involved in the process will discuss the best ways to get deals done in this operating environment and what the right fit is for your particular project.

Moderator: Isabelle Claver | Panel: Mathew CrosswyNaveen KakarlaTim L. Edgar Dillon R. ColucciBrad Sinclair

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